About Me

Avinash Tharoor

I am a journalist from London with interest in social policy, international affairs, human rights, and the War on Drugs. I have been published by the Washington Post, the Guardian, the Independent, the Huffington Post, Alternet, Der Spiegel, the Beirut Daily Star and the Drug Policy Alliance.

I am the editor of TalkingDrugs.org, as part of my role as Policy & Communications Officer at Release.

I am currently based in London. I hold an undergraduate degree in International Relations (B.A. Hons.), and a postgraduate degree in International Public Policy (M.Sc.) from University College London.

Twitter: @AvinashTharoor

Below is a selection of my work that has been published on external publications.

The Independent

The Washington Post

The Guardian

The Huffington Post


Der Spiegel

The Drug Policy Alliance

The Daily Star (Beirut, Lebanon)



  1. Hi Avinash,

    I am sure you have now had lots of emails today! I have seen your tweets about the university of westminster and wondered if you would be willing to talk to me about it? I am a producer from Channel 5 News.

    Best wishes


  2. Thank you so so much for your piece in the Washington post today, Avinash. It makes me feel so much better knowing that there are people like you out there who are willing to call attention to the issue of extremism and tell it like it is. I look forward to reading more from you!! Best, Olivia.

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